Best use of the flame gates.

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by CyborgGR, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    I think that the best usage for the flame gates is this. I have toasted many pirates with this one.

    The whole concept is that the pirates go to this point as there are only 2 wall layers. While they are trying to destroy the second layer for about 10 seconds they are literally toasted. Either only 20% of them will pass, or none.

    It's a very good strategy and you should try it. :D

  2. Looking good! Was looking for good ways to use them!
  3. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    It's a very good usage. Any other usage for me was not Flame gates but Lame gates... o_O
  4. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    Another great use of flame gates is for grilling goats so the crew can eat something other than fish.
    I would think a Greek pirate could appreciate that. ;)
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  5. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    Not bad....not bas at ALL!...!
  6. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Great idea.....
  7. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    I only have mystic mines behind mine, but like the wall idea.. (or even both ;))
  8. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    Nice strategy for FG there. I use a variation of this strategy though: right behind my FG I place a cannon instead of one layer of wall. While this won't hold off a horde of incoming juggs as long as the one-wall-layer version, it seemed to be effective at luring Ching Shih into the FG based on past raids on my island since Ching goes for defenses.

    P.S. Perhaps one wall layer is also capable of luring Ching?
  9. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Great idea....
  10. Sleepy_toto

    Sleepy_toto Powder Monkey

    Thanks for sharing :)
  11. Goose

    Goose Crew

    also better idea is when u leave 2 spots open and let the trops walk into ur tunnel
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  12. One-Eyed Willy

    One-Eyed Willy First Mate

    My only fault with gates like this is that the fuel of the gates is exhausted by the time the jugs pass through leaving no more fuel to burn the gunners that follow. I like your idea a lot, I just think Midoki should increase the capacity and duration of a fully charged flame gate to last a full onslaught.
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  13. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    There are several strategies I've used in order of complexity: (attaching pictures of each strategy, sorry for the page stretcher)

    a) put the gates in front of a weak point wall so that troops are toasted while trying to break it (add a mystic mine for extra fun). This is the obvious, easy to set up, go to strategy


    b) leave the path completely open, in a snake shape, so that the troop has to walk the full length of the flame gate while "snaking" through the walls. Add a mystic mine to the END to stop pirates halfway through the gate, leaving them to get roasted. You don't want the mine to deploy before they get into the gate, so thats why the exiting end is critical. This takes a couple extra walls, but it doesn't lose its effectiveness when a wall is destroyed whereas 'strategy a' will be slightly more effective until the wall dies.


    c) place the flame gate sandwiched between a ship and your base's wall. Mortar fire will consistently knock the troops into the gate as they chop away at the ship, should they go for a shipside attack. It burns up fuel a bit faster, but I've seen it roast juggs that accidentally targetted the ship pretty well. The juggs will get hit into the gate, take one or two ticks of damage as they slowly lumber back, and if they're lucky get one chop in before mortars knock them back into the gate. They have to keep resetting every mortar hit, which adds up to a ton of lost time as well, since they get knocked a square away that they normally would be stopped at by a wall. They will also get a lot less attacks in on your ship. Even without the flame gate here, using a pocket to add reset distance is a strategy to consider if you're putting an exposed ship alongside your base.


    d) place it a specified distance/position from a high value target (ph, stores, mortars, gp) where you think troops will consistently attack from. Max level gunners shoot from a distance with 4-5 walls between them and the target, depending on how straight on they're attacking from, so you can put the gate 5 squares away and watch gunners stop mid gate to try and fire. Bombers hit walls from I believe 2 wall segments away (a reason to possibly put a space between the wall and the gate, even if it means brutes won't stand in it). Gunners consistently attack ships from the side during certain layouts, so a gate placed here can prevent them from sniping it from this angle.


    Note that in this picture, there are 5 squares (wall-sized spaces) between the gp/stores and the gates. If done right, this is exactly where max level gunners will stand to attack them. Even in this crude example, gunners might be too lazy to walk around before destroying the first couple targets. Properly used and planned, this is an amazing strategy, hard to pull off but itll allow your gates to get maximum use against specific troop types, rather than letting juggs use up all their fuel.
  14. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    Yes but they must not just walk in them. Let them break the wall while in the fire.
  15. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    They are not lazy....they dont mind walking...the point is to drag there with a thinner wall..
  16. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    I like the snake shape. Nice move
  17. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Plenty of times I've seen gunners shoot over 4 walls (and twice over 5) to hit a target right in front of them rather than walk around. If they can reach, they will shoot over the wall and kill it before walking around to kill something else. They won't destroy the wall obviously, but they'll pause in front of it to hit the gp and stores there, and then walk around to hit the rest. The trick is to make them stand exactly where you want to attack from, and put the gate there, 5 spaces away. My walls there were for distance illustration purposes only; even if there were absolutely no walls, the gunners would stop right in the gates there to attack the gp/stores before moving on to other defenses, if you can properly direct them to that point to begin with. Yes, if doing this, you should be using walls to direct gunners as required.

    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I wasn't saying "set up your walls like this so gunners will stand there" and theres a good possibility that they will decide to walk to the side and attack from the side in that scenario if they aren't dead center to begin with. Actual wall placement is up to the user. I just wanted to show how far away to put the gate itself when trying to stop gunners with it. Directing them to the gate is up to the user, but once they're there, they will stop in it to hit from that far away before stepping out of it.
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  18. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Maybe this will be more clear as to what I meant


    Assume that the defender is clever enough to get troops to enter the hole where the arrow is pointing (extra walls around the outside, some sort of land funnel, up to you)

    Bombers should stop on the flame gate to attack the first wall. Gunners should stop on the flame gate to attack the PH.
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  19. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

  20. WinstonCOV

    WinstonCOV First Mate


    I like this style for flame gates (this is Skye's pic). Typically, you expect bombers to come in and breach the wall. In this case, the bombers will be toasted by the flame gates and their dead man's trigger will not effect the walls behind them. That way you have to breach the wall twice in order to get your troops in.

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