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Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Billy Bones, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Billy Bones

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    I'm sure there is one here somewhere, but I've searched the forum & wiki and can't seem to find a player guide? I have a thousand questions that I'm very certain no one here (or in my guild chat) wants me to ask/spam, but where are the sticky posts covering the basic aspects of how to play?

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  3. MorganFlint

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    Plunder pirates wiki gives info on buildings, weapons, pirate army, etc, for each PH level (well, not all of the final levels). You can find it here:
    I’m not sure if that’s what you are asking though - “How to play?” Other players can give you strategy tips, as there are different ways to play - rumble, farm, gem, free, events, sailing, etc. Hopefully you have a helpful guildmates. Or search and find a thread of interest here on the forum, and feel free to ask away.
    If wanting to know how best to attack, watch good attacks on your own island. If you find a particular island difficult to attack, copy it and learn by watching others attack you.
    You can also join a Slack group that has a strategy discussion room. Let me know if interested.
  4. Billy Bones

    Billy Bones Powder Monkey

    Thanks all. I've figured out basic play, and my guild is a likeable and helpful group. However, I feel that I lack the knowledge/tools to become a top player. My current strategy is to attack like crazy, spend all ill-gotten loot on upgrades, and log off leaving nothing in my coffers for revenge and/or random attacks. If there is something better I’d appreciate some pointers.

    Other random questions:

    1. What is the downside/upside to reducing rank by multiple attack/surrenders?

    2. Where can I find stats/buffs of all Legend outfits?

    3. Is BP assigned by percentage of island destroyed, or only by stars? (Once I’ve done 2 stars and have all gold/grog, is it worth sticking around if I know a third star is not likely)

    4. Has anyone run the math for stuff like; 1 heavy gunner versus 5 regular gunners? I feel like I may be wasting resources upgrading the Heavy's.

    5. Is there any upside to attacking at certain times of day/night based on time zone of the flag your opponent is flying? Do you false flag your island to defend against this?
    Again, really sorry but I can’t find much in-depth analysis. Please also share any guild chat type locations and any add on or helper apps for any certain timing of attacks, attack strength per slot, etc. Thank you all for putting up with this, Billy Bones.

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    1. If you rumble alot, then a higher PR gives you more points for a 3 star victory. Otherwise, it is not soooooo important to be higher ranked.
    2. When you tap on your legendary fortress and right side collection button. There you can find all the outfits you own and their buffs. If you meant that :) @Kamikazemug he has some stats and numbers for that

    3. I think yes, you get more BP and rumblepoints for a 3 star then you leave with a 2 star. Same with rumble points. 3 * 100% points, 2* 50% only and 1* gives you 10% points and BP is lower
    4. I thought that too, but now i love my almost again maxed hgs(ph12). Max Sky raiders damage is higher then 10ggs, it was at least or felt like that with maxed ph 11 pirates.
    5. No, no differense if i understand your question right. Some players use European union flag, or the pirate one, some use their homecountries and some use randomly flags. I am proud of my home country and so i use that flag. But Midoki maybe has of course not all the world countries flags in sortiment. So some players can’t use their own. The flag pole is a nice extra and when you place it right it can help a bit for defense. Against Sky raiders flying straight in if wind direction is right, they can hit it and drop down. Can be planed or a accident.
    More expierencend players help please too here if i got all wrong :confused:
    @Billy Bones
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