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Discussion in 'Island design for each PH level' started by Pirate Fear, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    Here is the base designs for PH 7.

    Same rules as the main!

    Go ahead!
  2. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    I'll play. This is obviously just my variation of an already popular design. But its effective. It's obviously much better for PH8, with 2 ground pounders, but I managed a decent result.

  3. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    Now, I JUST moved that Flame Gate from the opening at the ground pounders targets, to this walkway. I've noticed Gunner stand there and shoot my PH, so it should be effective. I almost never get anyone trying to enter the side with my ground pounders, so it was a waste over there.

    Sometimes bomber take the wall out where that first cannon is between my Fort and the PH. Sometimes they don't.

    95% of the time they either land with gunners surrounding the outer island, which just pulls them towards my 2 entrances anyways, or the whole army lands next to my Fort and takes the walkway in. Some get pulled outside by the buildings.

    That walled walkway is very effective. I didn't have an answer for 5-10 juggs and 20-30 gunners, but this walkway definitely helped my defenses. Keeping them all close together. The mortars really mess them up while the cannon and tower and bunkers are going at the juggs. A simple wall opening let the!m spread out way too much.

    Considering I'm using my PH as a distraction and allowing them to attempt to destroy it freely, this is aimed at retaining resources. No PR. If you want PR, hide your PH in the corner by the ships and move your resources or some other strong building where the PH is. I had the Voodoo Hut there, but its honestly not strong enough and they shoot it down fairly quick.
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  4. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    Here's my latest defenses.

  5. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    @TBaggins you have almost 4mil Gold? I'll be right round to test the defences in that layout for you. ;)
  6. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    I usually won't attack unless they have +600k gold or grog, so it can add up quick. Sometimes I hold out for 800k to 1 million.

    No shortage of resources at PH7/8/9 islands. Lol
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