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Discussion in 'General Improvements' started by Red Privateer, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Red Privateer

    Red Privateer First Mate

    So I'd like to suggest a feature, a two part update, the Aviary Perk and the Dragon Legendary.

    The Aviary is a perk, akin to the observatory. It is the home to the Dragon Legendary (i.e. whatever cost it takes to acquire this legendary, you cannot acquire the legendary without having first built this perk, you have to upgrade this perk to certain levels (1,2,3,4, maybe 5) in order to upgrade the legendary (0-4, 5-9, 10 - 14, 15-19, 20-25)

    The Aviary is refilled with grog. How else is the dragon going to breath fire? Seriously...

    The Dragon attacks invaders when active Brutes and Juggs are nice and juicy morsels at one end, Skellys and Ghastlys are more toothpicks than anything else. Other Legendaries are last (professional courtesy thing) UNLESS it is another Dragon Another Dragon goes right to the top. Professional rivalry thing.

    They like to attack distilleries and grog stores first (again BREATHES FIRE) unless they are hit by ground fire (direct or splash). Then the go after whatever hit them.

    In our case, dragons do not fly.
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  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Or, they could fly, actually. Just make them hover above the ground, so their speed on water is consistent. that'll be a nice thought.

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