Attacking or saving shield?

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Pirate Fear, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    I am new to the game and wondering if I should use up the beginning shield or not.

  2. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    As you're starting out it's always best to leave the shield up for as long as possible and get the basic island elements in place before you head out. Make sure you are collecting resources, have somewhere to store them and get all the defences available set up
  3. Razor

    Razor Crew

    Haha I was like yolo and broke it as soon as I got it :p
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  4. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    haha me too:D
  5. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    How did it work out for you two?
  6. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    we had to start over…. haha:D it doesn't really matter. If you get attacked and 100% destroyed the shield will be back up again.
  7. Razor

    Razor Crew

    Yeah I got 3 starred which meant I got a new shield so then I just upgraded all my defences while it was active lol
  8. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    I think I will keep it then.
  9. Razor

    Razor Crew

    Yeah it's best to keep it and just do the single player for loot
  10. Paldubeast

    Paldubeast Powder Monkey

    yes, yes, i was like f*@! this sh*t.. imma break my shield and start plundering..
  11. m4thw1z

    m4thw1z Crew

    A majority of resources should come from attacking. I hate the people on clash of clans who never attack and just wait on collectors to do upgrades. I always break shields.
  12. donkeykilla

    donkeykilla First Mate

    On the HBO series Rome, Marc Antony said it best..."when in doubt, attack."
  13. EDouble2675

    EDouble2675 Powder Monkey

    Keep the initial 24 hr shield and stock up. After that, break it every time you can to fight rival captains until all your around PH 5 or 6 and all your upgrades start taking DAYS. At that point, if someone manages to beat you, take a 12 hour break from Rival Captain fighting, let your resources pile up and focus on the Exploration Side. KEY PIECE OF INFORMATION - Fighting on the exploration side does not break your shield, so save those for when you are shielded.
  14. Cap'n Creeperb

    Cap'n Creeperb First Mate

    I usually don't care about my shield and starts plundering as soon as my pirates are ready, maybe I have to think through my strategy..
  15. Salty Snack

    Salty Snack Captain

    I try to attract a shield producing attack before bed and break it it the morn. Just leave your PH out and exposed with a gold or grog storage. Quick cheap shield.
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  16. Captain Monkey

    Captain Monkey First Mate

    Good idea salty
  17. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    I waited out the initial shield, and immediately broke every one since. Don't really get attacked very often...maybe because my island is so badass it scares off all the wannabe's. :p
  18. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    New players should use it, but everyone else, it's good to figure out how much loot you earn per day from raiding. If you know sitting behind a shield all day will make you miss out on 2 Million/each resource, it helps put it into perspective.
  19. Neckbeard

    Neckbeard Crew

    Of course keep your initial shield as long as you can.

    For later shields, try to spend most of your resources before going offline without a shield. Not many people will attack with low loot showing, and if they do you don't lose much. So when you go to break the shield, ideally you should stay online and make enough attacks to be able to spend the loot on an upgrade. Some tips:
    • Collect quest rewards to get enough loot to spend
    • Fight some map battles before breaking the shield so you don't need as many battles after breaking shield to get enough to spend
    • Don't have all your builders busy for a long time...keep one open if your only upgrades would put you in that situtation
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  20. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    I don't like that last tip - I have kept all four builders constantly busy, and they are always my bottleneck in the game, not resources.

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