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Art Of Pillaging

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sibeto, May 30, 2017.

  1. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    Hello all,
    I'm Sibeto captain of Art Of Pillaging.
    We are seeking active pirates, to come aboard our guild ship.
    We rumble once per week (Just for fun, as there too many gemming guilds around to be competitive.)
    We are a farming guild.
    Our flag is blue/black stripes with a pair of guns within it.

    What can we offer ?
    Active and sociable guild.
    Very knowledgeable about the game.
    Base design help.
    Legendary Pirate advice.
    International guild (English speaking).
    Youtube videos to help you as a beginner.
    1 rumble per week, generally on a Friday or Saturday.

    What we require from you !
    Be active.
    Donate to perks when able.
    Don't request troops often, We farm without guild troops being needed.
    Ask for advice if needed.
    We prefer adults.
    Don't ask for promotions.

    If interested, please drop me a message or leave a reply with your name in a comment below.
    Thanks for your time Pirates.
  2. Your recruiting thread worked! Your nearly back to 50! Good for you guys :D
  3. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    Unfortunately that is from me opening the flood gates to new comers. Nobody has yet applied from this forum lol.
  4. This recruiting lark is hard work!:confused:
    I've had 911 people look at my recruiting thread and have a guild of 23!!!!:D
    The game takes time and endless patience and so does recruiting!!o_O
  5. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    That it is. Alot of new comers do 3 attacks and never return.
    We have been around for about 4 months. It started with a handful of us, that left a guild.
    Time will tell if this pays off, But just 1 active new pirate is good enough for me.
    Best of luck to you too Flyht
    Cap'n Flyht likes this.
  6. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    Looking for new or seasoned sea legs !
  7. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    All PH levels welcome, come one, come all !
  8. Booty Slappa

    Booty Slappa First Mate

  9. ViralCodex

    ViralCodex Powder Monkey

    Hey there , new player here wondering if you still have a free spot?
  10. Sibeto

    Sibeto Powder Monkey

    We sure do. Apply and i will accept
  11. ViralCodex

    ViralCodex Powder Monkey

    Done applyed as Blank.

    And thank you :)

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