Anybody Likes fan art???

Discussion in 'Fan Forum' started by Captain Catbeard, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Cap'nSmellyBeard

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    I had a little bit of free time last night and thought: we need a mascot! So I made this guy, I present to you, Pirate Pan!
    Every story we here about Peter is...well 50% true. The one big thing is, Peter's father was a pirate, but not just any pirate, a gunner. This one gunner always stuck out from the rest, this was because he never aged, and he always wore purple.
  2. Very good try! Keep improving. My creation is gonna be live on Feb 13, so, get ready!
  3. Mannyik

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  4. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    I'm excited!
  5. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    Very nice art! Very impressive indeed. You also gave him a much more pirate-like look. A far as I remember, he forever stayed young. Looks like he aged and grew himself a beard!:p
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  7. Tenrou

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  8. Blueberry

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  9. Crook

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    That's cute, @FlyingDoucheman! Well, we're already dead to begin with. So no harm done. :D
  10. Cadi Odess

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    How do you get that cool guild photo with your name on it?
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