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Discussion in 'Fan Forum' started by Captain Catbeard, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]Hey guys, Cap'n PINKbeard here (changed my name in PP)

    I've been thinking that we need some more color and imagination in the game. So I decided to create a brand-new fART post!:) I'll start off by posting a traditional, hand-drawn, legendary pirate doodle. That's what I have in mind:

    Lv1: Damage:200 Toughness:2400 Speed:20 Power: Swings his staff to the ground in 4 directions, damaging any building within 7 tiles Defensive Bonuses:+25% Defense HP, +20% Defense damage
    His name is... Captain Pinkbeard!!!
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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Sadly your images aren't showing. :(
  3. Skye

    Skye Commodore


    Fixed the second one :) the first one looks like it was trying to link to your phone's camera roll.
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  4. Tex

    Tex Commodore

  5. Thanks for showing my pic, Skye! Do you guys like it?
    Btw isn't the thread above a bit outdated?
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  6. In case you didn't like this one, l'll have another one ready in a few days!;)
  7. The time has finally come!!!:) So that's how I'd like gunners lvl 25+ to be.Notice how the initial colors remain the same.This time I'll just link it. Hope ya like it!;)
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  8. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    Here is my fART I've been working on

    His name is Captain Bonkers(honestly I couldn't think of a name, sneezed and bonked my head on my computer). His Real name is Billy Bonkers and as a boy had a very big imagination. At a young age his father had tought him how to use a gun to protect himself. As he got older though, he figured out how to sail a boat and sword fight, with his over grown imagination at the age of 17 decided to set out on a quest for buried treasure but sadly after two years came home empty handed.

    that night when he got home and was asleep he had a vision of of something shiny, as it got closer he realized that it was a boomerang made out of gold. That morning when he woke up, he went to a fortune teller to find out what the boomerang meant, fortune teller told him it was a time-rang, it transports whatever it is thrown at to the time the thrower tells it and it is on a abandoned island. After visiting the fortune teller, Billy sets out on his adventure to find the time-rang and finds it two days later. at first he tries it out and visits New York in 2015, he decides to try skydiving off the Statue of Liberty and brakes both of his legs. then he realizes that the futer is not as interesting as he thought , but before going back to his time he grabs a wheel chair and a shotgun. When he gets back to his own time he tells all his friends about his adventure, but sadly everyone thinks hes bonkers.

    Hope you all like Captain Bonkers!
  9. Congrats! This is brilliant. Also, a brand new pirate drawing is said to be released by Captain Pinkbeard in a few days!
  10. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    Thanks, I'm excited to see your drawing!
  11. This goes to all dedicated plunderers of the seven seas, and especially @Cap'nSmellyBeard !
    He once was the toughest of all sea dogs. He has been called with the nickname 'Pistol proof'.
    Do you know who he is? Tap below to find out!;)
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  12. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    That's awsome!
  13. Beck [Midoki]

    Beck [Midoki] Designer Staff Member

    Love the story behind Captain Bonkers :D

    @Captain Catbeard that picture is really great! Keep it up!
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  14. [QUOTE="Beck [Midoki], post: 69496, member: 4623"

    @Captain Catbeard that picture is really great! Keep it up![/QUOTE]
    Well, it is you who I have to thank for your encouragement. By the way, nice update wallpaper! (And of course I will make a Christmas special;))
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  15. Here it is! Not much, there wasn't enough time for me to draw it, but after a long time the X-mas special has arrived. Since it's not that good, I'm desperately looking for other artists sharing their fan art here ;) @Cap'nSmellyBeard , @Beck [Midoki] ?
    Merry Christmas, you crazy loot lovers!
    Thanks again to all pirates anywhere and anytime.
  16. Beck [Midoki]

    Beck [Midoki] Designer Staff Member

  17. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

  18. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    Hi everyone!

    Here is my new fARt drawing, his name is Octoneer.

    Ounce upon a time in a big western sea, there was a baby octopus roaming the seas. But one day he got killed by a falling boat with a buccaneer near a strange island. The buccaneer was so hungry that when he hard he hit something and saw it was a octopus, he ate it. After a few minutes, the buccaneer started to feel wierd. His arms started to grow, his head turned into a wierd shape and his skin turned purple. But odly, his legs never changed, so from then on he was known as Octoneer!

    Hope you guys like Octoneer!:)
  19. @Cap'nSmellyBeard : Awesome work, man! You're improving... And, with my reply to your masterpiece, comes anew year present; a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! So, I guess you all know about Chinese New Year (remember last February?;)) Well, this one starting from Feb 2016, is the Year of the Fire Monkey! Due to me being fond of Asian culture and my rivalry with Ching Shih, I shall present her (and you, of course) a fragment of my pirate elegance in the form of a festive drawing!
  20. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    Thank you for the kind words, my good man! Can't wait see your drawing!

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