Angry Beard

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by lady blackbeard, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    Noticed avatar looking more fierce. Hope he is not reflecting discontent.
  2. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    What is the importance of creating such useless thread?
  3. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    Sorry if my attempt at levity annoyed you.
  4. Salty Snack

    Salty Snack Captain

    From the creator of many useless threads.
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  5. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    Super troll is here...Mind ur own business!
    Always provoking people and poking nose in everything...
  6. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    Its not that..but didnt find any usefulness of the thread!
  7. Evil Rastlin

    Evil Rastlin First Mate

    Sure you did!! You LOVED to Post in it 3 times (also more than anyone else did)...
    Salty Snack likes this.
  8. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    Shhhh....shuttt.....chup....blablaaaa....&₹@#%~|%}{]$£€ u young sailor
    Go to sleep
  9. Salty Snack

    Salty Snack Captain

    Only one troll in this thread, and I fed him. Appologies to Lady Blackbeard and the forum.
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  10. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    all here for virtual self esteem yes im talking to u mr. @Salty Snack what do u think about urself...think again!
    The one ur talking about feeding the troll was that really necessary? Was that anyway releated to u? If u didnt comment the first sentence would it affect ur life?
    So now tell me whos trolling whom? ..dont even know what to talk, when to talk...

    It was just a view from me...was it necessary to poke ur rotten nose in that?

    Yes...think again before posting and boasting about urself mr. Super troll...

    Thts y i stopped to comment here...becaus of these haters everywhere in this forum...

    People are ready to provoke each other than helping the forum...
  11. Evil Rastlin

    Evil Rastlin First Mate

    You are kidding right?? You looking in the mirror? You were the "original" hater in this thread. You were the first to provoke instead of help... Your ignorance is appalling. :(
  12. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    I told u to go to sleep, right?
    I didnt hate the thread...i said i didnt find any meaning of the thread..."hating would be im telling pls delete the thread or cussing the thread something like that"
    what can it help by telling angrybeard is more angry?

    Bon....enough of these nonsense talks...
    Cya haters.
  13. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    How about if anyone finds a thread "useless" they just read it and move on? Rather than make the poster of the thread feel bad for posting?
  14. AngryBeard

    AngryBeard Community Manager

    This thread is about... my avatar? I move it to off-topic.
  15. You must be getting famous..!
  16. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    It would be interesting to see Angrybeard fly a "happy avatar" when he's in a good mood.
    That would be kinda funny.

    Can anyone create an avatar depicting that? :p

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