Academy upgrade costs.

Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by Becker Redbeard, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    It seems if you upgrade your academy, any old upgrades not bought at prior academy levels accrue the new cost in grog per trainee in Tavern. Not the upgrade cost, but the new additional training cost. E.g. Level 5 academy and wanting to upgrade Brute Tower bonus (an Academy lvl 3 skill). It now adds 100 grog per brute just like the level 5 upgrades. This should not be or different players could be paying different amounts for a brute (or any other pirate) with the exact same skills depending on when they upgraded. Clearly the old skills weren't 100 per upgrade or my 12 skill brute wouldn't be 600. Can (and should) certainly be retroactively fixed in an update so the per pirate cost is the same for everyone with the same skills. Hmm, as I write I wonder if added time per upgrade is similarly penalized for upgrading Academy before all skills puchased. Fix this please and level the playing field for players or you'll end up losing some players if they can't keep up with similarly ranked players who are paying less in training cost and time. Thanks!
  2. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Never noticed that. Nice catch. there.
  3. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    Thanks. I imagine it's both unintended by Midoki and unrecognized by most players, but nevertheless contributes to frustration of many players over build times and costs to fill the Tavern. I intentionally left some weaker upgrades to return to after upgrading Academy (smaller benefits obviously more necessary when fighting in higher ranks). It's nice to have this forum. Building PH7 and don't want to feel penalized for upgrading skills "late".
  4. I don't think you're blaming the right symptom. The costs don't change based on what level your academy is, but rather the level of troop you're going to (i.e. Lvl 10 brutes cost the same grog and time regardless of which upgrades they have or when they were bought)
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  5. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    Aaahhh... that makes sense. Thanks Fakebeard.
    I'll go ahead and race to the last Academy upgrade then :)
  6. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    Good find there, Redbeard :)

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