A few ideas for building!

Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Captain Derpy, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Captain Derpy

    Captain Derpy Powder Monkey

    *Edit Mode. You can simply press "Clear all" and you can place everything easily, and fast!

    *Walls are a pain to move/upgrade, so it would be cool if you could just press "upgrade row" and "select row"

    *village over-view mode. When in edit mode, you can have a sky view of what you are doing!

    Hope you take these into consideration!

    Youtube: www.youtube.com/minerpro245
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  2. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    A ''clear all'' button would be very nice. And i agree the walls are a bit of a pain to move haha xD
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  3. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    Very much a pain.
    I do like the idea of sky view. Seems nice!
  4. GetRekked

    GetRekked Crew

    These suggestions are spot on, I like them and I think it would make pirate life easier if they were implemented.
  5. You hit the bucket mate! Love this suggestion, I hope it gets implemented a.s.a.p. :D
  6. Ombit

    Ombit Crew

    I'll add my name as well! Maybe a pirate map format for rebuilding the base AAAARRRRRRR!
  7. Captain Derpy

    Captain Derpy Powder Monkey

    Thanks for all the support! Maybe one day these features could be in the game!

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