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    There's advice almost about everything but recruiting. I've been in a couple guilds and really appreciated fighting side by side but how to grow a big and active guild? ; I've seen a lot of mates leaving their own projects and joining bigger and well established guilds, (I left also my first project for the same reason).

    Is there a fact or a reason, why newcomers join the second or third version of an already popular guild instead of giving a try to a new project? ; It kind of ruins the spirit of building something new. I know I'm not the only one trying to recruit since there's plenty of guilds to choose from knowadays, nevertheless we... the few around are ACTIVE, which is the first condition many guilds ask from starters.

    I guess I needed to pull it out before going back to recruit headquarters, Cheers! & Good Evening everyone!
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  2. Intimidator

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    To be honest, I really don't think there is any strategy. It's easy for a well established, we'll known guild to get more recruits. I haven't had many members join my crew from the forum. Most of my active crew were acquired through rumbles. Other guilds saw our small crew being competitive against guilds 3-5x our size, were impressed I guess and came over to our place. We only started with a handful of people to begin with, now with about 30 just from being active and rumbling hard. That's my advice. good luck with the recruiting!

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  3. Intimidator

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    If any of you guys wanna come visit and rumble with us on the weekend, come on by! Friday and Saturday start around 8pm EST.
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  4. Skye

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    Place high on the rumble leaderboard and you'll get a lot of attention. Or during a rumble, when you win, look for other guilds you competed against that have lots of inactives and just a couple of active members. Pop over and offer them a position. I know other guilds that do this, and as long as you do it tastefully, it can work. Players get sick of trying hard and others not pulling their weight, and the invitation will get a lot of them to consider coming over.

    You may also consider merging with another small guild so you have a bit bigger of a player base to start with.

    When guildless people are looking at recommended guilds, they've changed it so guilds with inactive captains no longer show up in the recommendations, so that should help as well. But you will probably either need a decent rank or group of members to start with - but after that, the rest should come a lot easier.
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    Yes there are MAJOR reasons for joining a multi-guild alliance! (alright I am biased) ;)

    1) Lots of players at all stages of development to learn from and share ideas with (no-one feels like the 'new' guy for long)
    2) Massive community in (external) alliance chat, (in multiple time-zones) so there is ALWAYS someone to chat with (if your life revolves around PP)
  6. I once started a guild of my own and won the first rumble with me being the only member (Dark times i guess :D) And i've waited for a week but there was no members so i disbanded the guild.

    I noticed in the recruitment part of the forum that most succesful new guilds have a captain and mates from big guilds who decided to create their own project and i guess it's mostly due to their exprience that players come to their guilds and want to learn more
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    You need to get your guild name out there in as many lists as you can, in the hope that someone will hit that guild button and join. If people are reading the forum a banner will help you stand out. And Rumble regularly as suggested above. If you have a website with your rules put it in the guild description, or fit your rules into that space.(But most won’t take the time to read it anyway.)
    Try visiting others to actively recruit, but it’s time consuming and most often unsuccessful. I think the forum recruiting section is pretty much pointless other than giving recruiters someone else to visit in the hope the entire group will join with theirs. It’s something I look at when trying to recruit. We’ve had people visit us trying to poach just the highest ranked or best scorers from our group. When I visit I try to get the entire group to join us, but I don’t aim to poach.
    Encouraging visitors is good as it spreads your guild name, and occasionally some may stay. Of course the down side is that some of yours may decide they might try visiting others as well.
  8. Intimidator

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    A young and naive Intimidator post up there lol. Barely remember posting that. Those were some good times:)
  9. peg-brain bob

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    Interesting to see that 2 years later I still agree with myself! :rolleyes::D
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